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LabJackJava v4.0

LabJackJava is a Java interface to the LabJack data acquisition & control device. Version 4.0 is released under the GNU Public License, and brings "Write Once, Run Anywhere" technology to the LabJack. Version 4.0 supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, and is designed for portability as drivers for additional platforms become available. Version 4.0 contains the following functionality:
  • Windows, Linux and Mac OSX support.
  • English support only.
  • The following underlying APIs are supported:
    • AISample
    • AOUpdate
    • AIBurst
    • AIStreamStart
    • AIStreamRead
    • AIStreamClear
    • PulseOut
    • PulseOutStart
    • PulseOutFinish
    • ReEnum
    • Reset
    • GetFirmwareVersion
    • GetDriverVersion
    • LocalID
    • EDigitalIn
    • EDigitalOut
    • EAnalogIn
    • EAnalogOut
    • ECount
    • SHT1X
  • NOTE: Stream and Pulse functions are not currently functional under Linux due to problems with the 0.2 driver.
Future versions may include:
  • Additional platform support as new drivers are released (and demand arises).
  • Additional language support. Please contact us if you're interested in translating the documentation or error messages into other languages!
  • Additional APIs, as they are available (and demand arises)
We welcome feedback! Please let us know if you have enhancements, modifications, licensing questions, etc.

Download LabJackJava now!
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Demonstration code


We have decided not to release JavaDAC at this time. Thanks to all of our beta testers for their assistance!

Pooling JDBC Driver v1.0

The Pooling JDBC Driver provides for pooling JDBC connections transparent to client applications. Clients simply include the driver jar file and properties file in the classpath, register the driver and make a minor change to the JDBC URL they would normally use and connections are pooled automatically.

We welcome feedback! Please let us know if you have enhancements, modifications, licensing questions, etc.

Download the Pooling JDBC Driver now!

Spectroscopy Applet

Designed for use by the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, this applet demonstrates the basics of gas spectroscopy. It allows the user to experiment with the spectra of the elements, both individually or in combinations. Furthermore, it allows the spectra to be Doppler-shifted in either direction. Finally, it will generate an "unknown" spectra, allowing the user to to identify the unknown.

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